Twilight Tracer Light Up Golf Ball

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Introducing: Twilight Tracer Light Up Golf Ball

With notable features - Surlyn + Rubber and Diameter: 42.6mm, Cover thickness: 2mm, this item is available now from agd. Twilight Tracer Light Up Golf Ball is now available to you to order on-line at this great price.

Select this great item from agd in minutes and benefit from quick, dependable delivery direct to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

If you''ve been out late on the golf course as the winter months draw in, chances are you''ve spent your fair share of time scrabbling about looking for your ball. With the Twilight Tracer Golf Balls, night-time golf is so much easier - give one a healthy thwack and it''ll flash red for five minutes. That should be plenty of time for you to wander over to the other end of the hole and retrieve your ball (unless you hit it into a water hazard).

Aside from the healthy red glow, there''s nothing to distinguish the Twilight Tracer balls from any other high-quality golf ball. The specs are the same, it''s the official size and weight of a championship golf ball - the only difference is you''ll be able to see it an awful lot more clearly when it starts to get dark. Chuck in some tees and a storage pouch and you''re ready for some nocturnal golf action.