Ukayed Bbq Cone Charcoal Grill With Electric Rotating Rotisserie In Black

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Introducing: Ukayed Bbq Cone Charcoal Grill With Electric Rotating Rotisserie In Black

Featuring : Two Level Grilling and INCLUDES battery-operated rotisserie (batteries not included), this item is made to a high standard by BBQ. The Ukayed Bbq Cone Charcoal Grill With Electric Rotating Rotisserie In Black is ready to shoppers to purchase on this site at our low price.

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Manufacturer Description

About The Revolutionary FYRKAT Before the FYRKAT Cone Charcoal Grill the terms barbecue and style have never really earned the right to exist in the same sentence - they actually seemed mutually exclusive. On top of its striking conic design the new FYRKAT has many distinctive features and they come in pairs. First of all, you can grill or roast your meats with the FYRKAT Chefs choice. A T-bone steak will sizzle to perfection on the grill. But then you also have the option of easily and quickly transforming the FYRKAT into a battery-operated rotisserie with rotating spit and all ideal for a golden, crispy chicken for instance. As otherwise seen in gas grills the FYRKAT offers two grilling levels. The lower one is for meats that can take the heat, the upper level, a little further away from the fire, is ideal for e.g. vegetables, even simultaneously with a steak cooking underneath if you wish. A fresh trout, or a catfish filet, you would put those on the higher level with less heat exposure. Not only does the bottom end of the cone catch all the ashes perfectly, its also an adjustable airflow regulator. Its removable for easy and clean disposal of the ashes. The FYRKAT opens a whole world of outdoor cooking without taking up much space. Its compact max. diameter: 37cm, stable, and its hook holds three grilling tools. Its body is made from enamel coated steel, the two grills are stainless steel, and the handles are all made from heat-resistant silicone. The FYRKAT comes in beautiful colors that accentuate any backyard or terrace nicely. Finally, the joy of cooking in a well designed environment is no longer restricted to the house - its free to move on to greener pastures. Features * Compact, stylish design * Easy Assembly * 59cm x 57cm x 90cm * Two Level Grilling * INCLUDES battery-operated rotisserie * Batteries not included.