Ukick -the Latest Craze In Street Games

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Introducing: Ukick -the Latest Craze In Street Games

Featuring : Can be played alone or in teams and Robust and durable, this item is made by UKICK. Ukick -the Latest Craze In Street Games is available to shoppers to order online at this low price.

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Manufacturer Description

UKick is a fun, brand NEW sporting craze sweeping across Europe. This simple and cool game is healthy, social and seriously addictive! Fusing elements of street football and badminton, UKick''s beauty is that it can be played by anyone: alone or with any number of friends. All you need to do is keep the UKick in the air and don''t dare let it touch the ground! With a little practice your UKick abilities will take off and so will the UKick! Kick it, throw it or hit it! " U Kick is great for enhancing balance, foot (hand) eye coordination, as well as ball control! Health Benefits: UKick is a fun and original way to exercise and keep fit. Its strength lies in its flexibility: the sport can be played alone to work on your keep-uppy skills; as a warm-up before strenuous sporting activities; with friends for fun, or in school to play in teams and competitions. Suitable for ages 6 and above, UKick can be mastered in just a few hours and, who knows, one day you could even take part in international competitions against the world's best players!. UKick improves balance, foot-eye coordination and fitness, making it a brilliant way to enhance your sporting abilities!