Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline Green And Black 10 X 17 Ft

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Introducing: Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline Green And Black 10 X 17 Ft

With notable features - Heavy duty black-coated steel frame and 100% premium terylene mesh net is entirely Weatherproof and has reinforced edging for ultra-durability; and guarantees full safety with its double closure System, the UBRTG01-1017 is available now from King Service Holding Inc. The Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline Green And Black 10 X 17 Ft is available to our visitors to purchase on-line at this low price.

Get this UBRTG01-1017 from King Service Holding Inc in minutes and benefit from quick, reliable shipping direct to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Our new Upper Bounce 10"x17" Rectangular Trampoline is ideal for situations where space is at a premium, its narrow profile makes it a good choice for side yard installations. The grassy green colours blend into the natural setting, making your trampoline naturally appealing! Our rectangular trampolines are known for their massive bounce due to the independently working springs that work at different rates giving you the highest lift, as well as enabling jumpers to have better control over their height and landing - the trampoline preferred by gymnasts. The heavy-duty galvanized 7" springs provide bursting strength and maximum bouncing... definitely the Upper Bounce! The unique easy assemble system means that no complicated hardware is needed; and with a screw driver, T-hook (spring tool) and instruction set-up manual included, you are ready to go! With the heavy duty steel frame featuring welded sockets for the upper poles, and 5 W-shaped legs, the trampoline is designed for strength, endurance and ultimate stability. This trampoline will last! The Top enclosure design is unsurpassed in safety and durability: Featuring flexed poles that absorb the movement of the jumper while holding the net straight and firm; a top ring that holds the net at full height without any strain from jumpers that would risk the net tearing; and clips and a rope that seal the connection between the jumping mat and the safety net, so that there are no gaps compromising safety. Along with a high-quality safety pad made of the best shock absorbent foam to prevent spring related injuries, and a dual-closure entry system, this trampoline guarantees your safety! All the materials are water and UV resistant, and the foam protector is fashioned from high density, closed-cell EPE foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape; your trampoline will maintain its protectiveness and strength no matter what! The trampoline can hold a maximum of 500lbs, allowing all-encompassing fun.