Wall Bars Climbing Wall M1 Blue

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Introducing: Wall Bars Climbing Wall M1 Blue

With notable features - 6 colors: yellow blue red green pink brown. 3 room heights: 6.56 ft to 8.20 ft; 7.21 ft to 8.85 ft; 7.87 ft to 9.51 ft. and Directly from manufacturer. The original by Niro® Sportgeräte GmbH, the FitTop M1 is made by Niro® Sportgeräte GmbH. Wall Bars Climbing Wall M1 Blue is now available to our customers to buy on-line at this low price.

Choose this FitTop M1 from Niro® Sportgeräte GmbH today to benefit from fast, efficient shipping straight to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

FitTop M1 is a multifunctional indoor climbing frame for the harmonious development of children. It is a wall bar that is clamped between floor and ceiling and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The children's sports equipment is intended for training children under home conditions.

FitTop M1 is ideal for stretching and strengthening exercises and for climbing and hanging. The additional included gym equipment such as chin-up bar, rope ladder, climbing rope, harness and gymnastic rings allow to carry out more than 100 exercises and prepare even more fun for your children.

An excellent rust protection and a long durability is offered by the galvanic treatment, double powder coating and galvanizing of all metal parts of the climbing frame.
We attach great importance to quality also in detail: the belonging climbing rope is made of cotton, the ropes of the LIROS GmbH are of high quality, UV-stabilized and resistant.

The simplicity and reliability of the structure of the climbing frame allows for quick assembly and disassembly of any configuration. The model FitTop M1 is assembled by means of clamping between floor and ceiling without the use of drills, hammer and nails.

Length: 100 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 200 to 290 cm
Diameter of rung: 32 mm
Distance between rungs: 23 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Max. loading of the playground set: 130 kg
Max. loading of the gymnastics equipment: 80 kg

metal ceiling frame
metal gym ladder
rope ladder
gymnastic rings
pull up bar
climbing rope
trapeze rope
mounting accessories
operating instructions