Wild Sling Solo - One Man Water Balloon Launcher

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Introducing: Wild Sling Solo - One Man Water Balloon Launcher

Available now from Main Sauce Productions, a reliable manufacturer, this item is now great value for money. The Wild Sling Solo - One Man Water Balloon Launcher is on offer to everyone to purchase online at our competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

Not even the ancients in all their technical ingenuity and fortress-busting fortitude could have imagined this device in their wildest dreams. Using the high-tensile elastic technology, and the raw power of a man, this Goliath-killing piece of genius converts human energy into the potential energy necessary to launch a water-filled balloon scores of feet into the atmosphere. To simply refer to it as a 1-man catapult is to do this device a disservice. Have its secret power at your disposal and it marks you out as someone to be reckoned with - someone who simply doesn't need a tall building to launch a water bomb. Someone who has his own launch pad in his back pocket. Now here's where it gets surreal. To realise the sling technology's optimal potential, it is necessary to crouch down and adopt a low sitting position, feet in the air, prior to launch. This may well have the effect of ruining the element of surprise, so we heartily recommend you seek appropriate cover from which to launch a secret assault. Not to mention sparing your blushes should any member of the opposite sex be passing. Then, with 150 balloons in your arsenal, there's no end of splatting to be initiated in your local park. Good luck.