WildSling Water Bomb Launcher (3 person)

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Introducing: WildSling Water Bomb Launcher (3 person)

Produced to a high standard by Dream Internet Ltd, a popular manufacturer, this item is now amazing value for money. WildSling Water Bomb Launcher (3 person) is now ready to PaddlingPools.org.uk customers to buy at paddlingpools.org.uk at this excellent price.

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Manufacturer Description

Throwing water balloon bombs is just for kids, isn't it? Of course it is - adults have the brains to buy our fantastic new WildSling Water Bomb Launcher, which is far more effective. The WildSling is best described as a giant catapult which can send water bombs soaring high into the air and for hundreds of metres. If you've still got happy memories of catching teachers in the back of the head, just wait until you try this... Being responsible adults who have left such childish things behind, the extensive testing sessions we put this product through at Stuff HQ were purely for safety purposes. Yeah right. The minute most of the staff clapped eyes on the WildSling they were out in the car park faster than Rik Waller running to the chippy. In fact the fight for a turn got quite nasty... You'll need a couple of mates with you to use the WildSling, which is no bad thing, as you have someone to share that unbelievably satisfying impact 'splat' with. To launch your water bomb two of you need to hold the sling's handles at shoulder level, while the third holds the ammo pouch at ground level. Then release your grip on the pouch, and the bomb soars into the air. Just one go with the WildSling is enough to get you totally addicted. That 'last day of term' feeling will come flooding back the second your bomb bursts, and the glee of totally drenching your target has to be felt to be believed. You'll be flinging balloons faster than you can fill 'em as you try to break your own distance record again and again. The current 'best' here at Stuff HQ hitting is a moving target from 180m. Unless you've had your sense of fun surgically removed, you have to own a WildSling. Includes carry pouch. Includes free balloons! Each WildSling comes with approximately 50 balloons, so you can splat away all day long. Don't worry about refills when those run out as ordinary party balloons are fine - we just threw some in 'cos we're lovely.