Winter Pool Cover For Round Pool 400m

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Introducing: Winter Pool Cover For Round Pool 400m

Manufactured by Gre, a reliable manufacturer, this item is currently good value for money. Winter Pool Cover For Round Pool 400m is now on offer to you to buy online at our competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

This pool cover, which fits any round pool above ground, is an easy way to protect your swimming pool from dirt and rain during the winter and times of non-use. With its UV resistant PVC fabric and high-density stitching, it can provide you years of service if used properly. This pool cover is made by Gre, Europe's largest builder of quality pools.

  • Colour: Dark blue
  • Shape: Round
  • Pool Ø: 400 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

  • Fabric: PVC: 100%