Wubble Bubble Ball Without Pump Blue

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Introducing: Wubble Bubble Ball Without Pump Blue

Featuring : Plays like a ball and Throw it, the NS20157.4300 is available now from Vivid Imaginations. Wubble Bubble Ball Without Pump Blue is now offered to you to purchase on this site at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

What looks like a Bubble but plays like a ball? Its the amazing Wubble Bubble Ball. You can throw it, kick it, catch it and whack it. Its ultra durable and ultra fun.

Tips on how to play with your Wubble:

keep your Wubble ball away from sharp objects like tree branches and rough surfaces like gravel as these CAN pop or damage your Wubble.Try not to pinch your Wubble with your fingernails as this can damage your Wubble and cause a hole! Try catching it like a normal ball, its tricky but lots more fun!IF you cant help but play rough with your Wubble, DO NOT inflate past 65cms. The smaller a Wubble ball is, the stronger it is.Dont leave your Wubble outside in direct sunlight on hot days for long periods of time. Wubble balls are soft and strong sunlight can make the ball really hot and therefore fragile. If youre not playing with your Wubble, keep it somewhere safe, preferably inside. Follow steps 1 3 to deflate.Do not sit on a Wubble ball if you weigh more than 70kg. A Wubble ball is soft and will not support your weight like a gym ball.If you take care of your Wubble it will last a long time, BUT if you play with it like crazy, and dont follow our advise you can damage it!

Wubble balls are tough however they are NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE.