Yellow Pyropixies Ribbon Poi


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Introducing: Yellow Pyropixies Ribbon Poi

Available now from Pyropixies, the reliable company, this item is now very good value for money. The Yellow Pyropixies Ribbon Poi is ready to our customers to purchase at the paddling pool shop at our great price.

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Manufacturer Description

These brightly coloured practice poi are ideal for beginners and kids. Ribbon Poi consist of a weighted and padded head with short multi-coloured tails and have a single nylon finger loop attached to a tough cord. The colour selection above refers to the colour of the poi head. Each head colour has its own tail colours we try to keep the tail colours consistent but they may vary slightly. Pyropixies Ribbon Poi are hand made in India by a community of family and friends who are paid fairly and enjoy good working conditions. Sold as a pair.